Course Description

Welcome to this course on how to Provide support to victims of domestic violence.

This course is made up of four units, as well as several formative activities.

Unit 1 provides a context for domestic violence in South Africa, looking at the socio-political context, the cycle of violence model and the broad consequences of domestic violence.

Unit 2 defines domestic violence and the different types of abuse, explains how it impacts on the individual, the family (including the children) and society and explores the legal support for survivors wanting to break free from the abuse cycle.

Unit 3 focuses on the primary, secondary and tertiary support programmes for survivors. It also discusses the emotional and psychological journey that survivors go through when stepping out of the cycle of abuse.

Unit 4 focuses on the perpetrators – understanding their key characteristics and looking at the programmes that can support perpetrators to enter their own healing journey so they are free from perpetuating domestic violence and abuse.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to this Course

    • Welcome

    • How to navigate this course

    • Orientation

  • 2

    Learning Outcomes

    • Learning Outcomes

  • 3

    Course Pack

    • Download these books

  • 4

    Unit 1: Domestic violence in the South African context

    • Background, cycle of violence, stereotypes and attitudes, consequences

  • 5

    Unit 2: Domestic violence, impact and the law

    • Domestic Violence - its background and the impact on the family, individual and society

    • Moving towards freedom – the legal route

  • 6

    Unit 3: Providing help and services to survivors

    • Prevention programmes and the Journey of leaving the abuser

  • 7

    Unit 4: Support programmes for perpetrators

    • Who is the abuser and programmes for perpetrators

  • 8


    • Victims of Domestic Violence References.pdf