Course Description

Growing your relationship with young children by communicating effectively

How you communicate with children as an educator, parent or au pair is very important. When you communicate well, you build trust with the children in your care. This trust helps children to become confident human beings. When you have good communication skills, you can stimulate, interest, understand, comfort, instruct, help and support every child.

This two hour course will cover:
  • the six main communication skills used with young children
  • in-depth skills training in each of these communication skills
  • using these skills during routine activities and during planned activities
  • communicating with parents and caregivers
  • practical activities to apply your skills
  • reflection on your learning


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to this course

    • Welcome and Learning Outcomes

  • 2

    Topic 1: Six main communication skills

    • Put your skills into action

    • Learning about the six main communication skills

    • Reflection Journal: My thoughts about communicating with children

  • 3

    Topic 2: Talking and Listening

    • How to talk and listen with young children

    • Put your skills into action

    • Engaging children in meaningful conversations

  • 4

    Topic 3: Questioning

    • Asking questions to encourage problem solving and discovery

  • 5

    Topic 4: Modelling, Offering Help and Meaningful Praise

    • How to model positive behaviour, offer help and give praise that is meaningful

  • 6

    Practice your skills

    • Put your skills into action